Pregnant Options is an online resource bringing hope, help, and compassion to women and men. We focus on providing helpful information worldwide regarding reproductive health, abortion, adoption, parenting, and related topics.

To achieve this, we purpose to provide objectively accurate information and ultimately help those who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. We consider our visitors in the present, the situation they are going through right now, and the future, the regrets or satisfaction they have from making a particular choice. We do not intend to provide counsel; we want to inform regarding the real aspects of various life decisions. We would refer anyone needing advice to a local care center.

Pregnant Options recognizes the reality that a person’s life begins at conception when a human being with unique DNA forms and starts functioning as a whole in order to sustain its life and mature. A person is a person by nature of the kind of thing they are rather than some arbitrary external abilities. They undergo a continuous process of maturation and change through birth and childhood and into adulthood.