Adoption as an Unplanned Pregnancy Option

Adoption is a hopeful option for an unplanned pregnancy. If you don’t feel ready to parent a child, it provides the opportunity to find a safe, loving home for your baby. Choosing adoption is a courageous decision! It is a beautiful evidence of your love. You are thinking of her needs above your own. You are a hero!

What is adoption?

Adoption is the social, emotional, and legal process in which the birth parents give their rights as a parent to the adoptive parents of their choice1. Subsequently, the new parents welcome her into their home. They assume full responsibility for her. As well as, providing love and care. When she becomes a member of her adopted family, she enjoys all the privileges given to other kids born into that family2.

Adoption is the social, emotional, and legal process in which the birth parents of a child give their rights as parents to the adoptive parents of their choice

Considering the Future

Adoption brings hope to you as you care for the life of your baby and see her embraced by a loving family. Your child also experiences hope as he or she grows up in a secure environment with parents to meet her needs. In addition, your baby’s family experiences hope as they welcome a new family member. Many couples who desire to adopt can’t have children naturally, so your choice fulfills their dreams!

Your child also experiences hope as he or she grows up in a secure environment with parents to meet her needs.

Your decision to choose life for your baby has positive, long-term results. Typically, adopted kids enjoy growing up in a family with opportunities for education and growth. Further, she will be grateful to you for your loving, selfless decision. You have given her life in more ways than one!

Stepping through the process

1. Find a Care Center

Find and connect with your local care center. They are staffed with compassionate people, some of whom have been through similar experiences. They provide support, counsel, and resources to help you. Also, they will give you initial prenatal care. You have the freedom to ask questions and explore your options. Most importantly, they keep all your information confidential.

2. Connect with an Adoption Agency

Once you decide this is the best choice for you, the care center provides you with referrals to adoption agencies. They help you select the one that meets your needs.

It is common for agencies to place some or all of the legal fees associated with adoption on the adoptive family3. Depending on your agency, the adoptive family may help cover maternity-related medical bills and living expenses during your pregnancy4. They highly respect your decision and want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

3. Make a Plan

After an initial meeting, your agency will help you make a plan. When it comes to determining your child’s future, you’re in the driver’s seat! Choosing her adoptive family is entirely up to you5. It is important to note that every family is thoroughly evaluated before being approved by an adoption agency. This ensures each home is a safe, loving atmosphere6. Even after she has been placed into her new family, a specialist will periodically visit to make sure she is thriving.  

You will be able to choose the level of openness with your child’s family. There are three different types of plans: open, semi-open, and closed7.  

  • An open adoption consists of continual, regular contact with your child and her family.
  • A semi-open adoption allows your child’s family to send you occasional pictures and letters.
  • A closed adoption does not allow your child and her family to share any information or contact with you.

Whatever you decide, your agency will arrange all of the details and offer counsel and support. Many agencies offer an adoption specialist to help you share your choice with your friends and family. Through all of this, your needs are important.

An overview of your choices

An overview of your choices

Take a deeper look at adoption options

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4. Take Time to Consider

When your baby will be placed into her new home will depend on various factors8. Your personal preference, your baby’s health, legal aspects, and the role of the birth father will all play a part. After she is born, you will sign your parental rights over to her adoptive parents9. Your agency will be there for you, walking you through this process.

Your baby will be placed into her new family or interim care directly from the hospital. Depending on your state’s laws, you may be given a certain amount of time to consider your decision10. This can be a difficult transition for you. So don’t hesitate to reach out to your adoption agency for guidance and support. Even if you change your mind and choose to parent, they will lovingly support your decision.

5. After-Adoption Support

After your baby is born and placed into her new family, continue to stay in touch with your agency to receive post-adoption support. They will guide you through any feelings of grief or loss that you may experience. Further, they will be happy to provide answers for any of your questions. Some agencies even offer birthmother retreats, where you can connect with other women who have chosen adoption. No matter what you are feeling, they will offer love and encouragement. You aren’t alone in this journey!

Choosing adoption is a courageous decision. You are a hero! The first step is getting in touch with your local care center. They will help you choose the best agency for you. Then your agency will make a plan with you. Once your baby is born, she is placed with her adopted family. As you make this transition in your life, your agency will provide you with ongoing love and support. This choice truly gives life and hope to you, your baby, and their forever family!


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