Scared I’m Pregnant

I just did a pregnancy test, and I can’t believe it was positive. I was afraid I was pregnant, but I was also hopeful it wasn’t true. Now I feel like screaming and crying all at once. Everything is really, really scared. I’m in school, no job, and not married. What will I do?

I can’t believe I let this happen. It changes everything. I never, never, never wanted to face this, and I thought I was being so careful. My boyfriend won’t believe it either. I don’t know how he will react. Will he will ditch me? He will probably blame it on me. My parents will never understand. They never liked him. They will probably be so mad at me. I can’t even think. This is just too hard.

Did you just find out you are pregnant? Is this how you feel? Are you lost in fears and consumed with uncertainty and worry?

What You Can Do?

You have time. First, take a deep breath, and consider these things you can do right now.

1. Talk to Someone

You need a listening ear. Most importantly, someone you can trust who will support you. Someone who is neutral that you can talk to who will help you work through your feelings and figure out who you tell, how you tell them, and where you go from here. You need someone now who will help you. That’s exactly what a care center is for.

2. Take a Professional Pregnancy Test

You should also get a free, professional pregnancy test. Not only can inexpensive pregnancy tests be inaccurate, but a large number of pregnancies are not viable anyway. That is to say, before you establish a plan, confirm your pregnancy at a care center.

3. Find Your Local Care Center

In a care center, you will find loving, caring people who are there because they understand – some have even been in your shoes and they want to help you. They are there because of love, not money. They know how scared and hurt you are right now, and they want to reach out to you.

Your story is safe with them because they aren’t in your sphere of life and they respect privacy policies. They won’t tell others what you don’t want them to know. They have helped other pregnant girls find their path through their mistakes and fears. That’s the kind of help you want.

Where You Can Find Help

You don’t have to live overwhelmed with fear and worry. You don’t have to keep your secret hidden. Help is close. Reach out for it. Find your closest care center and go to them as soon as you can. If you would rather stay at home for now, you can call 855-469-5594 (open limited hours) for someone to talk to about your situation or 1-800-712-4357 (open 24/7) to get some help.